Dollarization in vietnam

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I. Introduction

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the dollarization situation in financial system in Vietnam. This paper aims to estimate the money demand function of Vietnam and studies the characteristics of the economy.

Dollarization in Vietnam is stated as unofficial, and was first recorded since when commercial banks were allowed to receive US dollar deposits. According to Mr.

Le Xuan Nghia, member of the National Advisory Council for Monetary and Fiscal Policies, on May 13,dollarization will be eliminated in Vietnam by the end of The paper maps the dollarization process in Vietnam since the beginning s.

We analyze the pros and cons of complete currency substitution. We discuss different forms and degrees of dollarization, and why some countries dollarized and others not. Indonesia managed to decrease its dollarization rate from 20% in to 15% in iii Countries like Vietnam, Peru and Russia experienced more difficulties in the last 30 years.

Dollarization in Viet Nam

Thus, a dire need arises for immediate measures to be taken in Ukraine in the vein of mentioned successful examples and. A lot can happen on the de-dollarization front between now and then. The Fed has let the inflation genie out of the bottle even before the impact of de-dollarization.

Yellen and her cohorts are now frantically trying to invent excuses for when inflation rips through the financial system. dollarization, we also propose some solutions to the problems it causes in Vietnam. The final and highest purpose of this paper, then, is a reference for the government, economists, businesses, as well as the whole public to make policies or change their.

Dollarization in vietnam
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