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My Freshman Year

About My Freshman Year. After fifteen years of teaching anthropology at a large university, Rebekah Nathan had become baffled by her own students. Their strange behavior—eating meals at their desks, not completing reading assignments, remaining silent through class discussions—made her feel as if she were dealing with a completely foreign culture.

Jul 29,  · This is a Review of Rebekah Nathan's, My Freshman Year: What a Professor learned by becoming a student, published in by Penguin Books. The book is pages long and typically takes around 4 hours to read/5. The pitch of My Freshman Year is as irresistible as it is troubling: a cultural anthropologist, the pseudonymous "Rebekah Nathan", enrolled at her own university for the academic year as a.

My Freshman Year Rebekah Nathan. My Freshmen Year Rebekah Nathan is an anthropologist teacher at a University, as a professor she wonders how college students are so. Rebekah Nathan is her pseudonym, which she had to use to protect the identity of her students and her university.

Throughout the writing of My Freshman Year, Nathan paid for all of the expenses in order to protect students’ confidentiality that could lead to situations that could harm them.

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Jul 26,  · My Freshman Year (the first half) Rebekah Nathan, pseudonym, had spent most of her professional life living oversees studying a remote village studying a culture foreign to her. After more than 15 years of university teaching, students had become increasing confusing to her.

She questioned why students never stopped by to see her.

My freshman year rebekah nathan
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